PETA is trying to get a ban on people breeding pit bulls and similar dogs such as Staffordshire bull terriers - we asked you what you thought.

The animal rights charity recently submitted a response to the government’s consultation on the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 stating it would support the ban on breeding.

The Dangerous Dogs Act was introduced in response to various incidents of serious injury or death resulting from attacks by aggressive and uncontrollable dogs.

We asked if you agreed with banning the breeding of dogs such as Staffordshire bull terriers - we think it is fair to say the Shopper lot had very strong opinions about this.

Sarah Gresley said: “Bring back the dog licences and make people pay and learn to have dogs! I would happily do it, if I thought for one second that it would stop a********s owning these dogs.”

Billy Sheehan: “Dont believe in breed behaviour its the raised behaviour,had a staff for 13 years who had 2 small children raised around her and she was absolutely perfect,now shes has gone we just got a Rottweiler puppy who i intend to raise the same way as a loving gentle family dog as i did our staff.”

Jeyda Besim: “FFS. Individual DOGS are vicious. Breeds are not. I've had two staffies that were absolute angels. I've known tons of other dogs that are little yappy breeds that are so much more dangerous. Absolutely ridiculous. Don't bully breeds.”

Suzanne Gossington: “It’s the owners not the breed that’s dangerous. A poodle can be taught how to be dangerous given the right owner. My Staffie is the soppiest & most loving dog I’ve ever had. To tar them all as dangerous is not correct.”

Michaela Dundon: “There are no bad dog breeds! Just idiot people who use the poor animals for bad things and train them to do bad things. The dogs don't know any better! You should need a licence to own a dog to make sure scumbags like that don't have the chance to do things like that!”

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