Police in Bexley have shared a photo of a leaflet which they say has been produced by a rogue trader.

The poster advertises 'Bexley Tree Surgeons' and offers trimming services.

It says "no job too big or too small" and asks potential customers to call the number provided.

However, Blendon and Penhill Police and Blackfen and Lamorbey Police say the poster is fake.

A police statement read: "This leaflet and several similar have been posted through residents doors on the borough. These leaflets are fake and are produced by rogue traders. The addresses vary and if you Google the addresses they come back to random addresses on the borough.

"The phone numbers are also routed to a mobile number. If you get one of these through the door and have CCTV please let us have any images of who is posting them. Above all, do not phone them or book them for any jobs, you will get ripped off. It appears they are targetting elderly residents so please inform your friends and relatives.

We do not recommend that residents respond to any leaflet drops for any goods or services. Ask for recommendations from other people. Not everyone is a criminal targetting the vulnerable but you have to be increasingly careful who you let into your property or garden.

"Never pay up front and never be pressured into paying more than originally agreed. If in doubt call Police or Trading Standards immediately."