LABOUR members on Hillingdon Council have written to Uxbridge MP Boris Johnson to remind him of his pledge to lay down in front of the bulldozers if Heathrow is expanded.

Mr Johnson made the promise shortly after he was elected to the seat.

In a letter, the Labour councillors urge: “You are a senior figure in the Conservative Party, and you hold a key role in this Government, and we would like you to be vocal on why expansion is not in the interests of the local area or the country.”

MPs will vote on plans for a third runway when the issue comes before Parliament next Monday.

The Cabinet has given its approval to the scheme, in conflict with Hillingdon and neighbouring authorities who are fiercely opposed to expansion.

Labour MPs will oppose a third runway as it does not meet the four tests the party set out that it should meet.  The party will allow a free vote among its MPs.

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Leading air noise campaigner John Stewart welcomed Labour’s decision. He said: “It creates more uncertainty about how the vote will go. 

“And the fact the main opposition party is not backing a third runway means greater risks for Heathrow’s financial backers who are ploughing billions into a scheme that might be pulled by a future government.”

Most Conservative MPs are expected to vote with the Government.  The DUP also backs it.  The Liberal Democrats and the one Green MP are opposed to it.  The position of the SNP is uncertain. 

If Parliaments backs a third runway, it becomes Government policy and Heathrow will start to work up its detailed plans for a new runway.  If the Government loses the vote, a third runway is likely to be off the table.

Meanwhile, Back Heathrow’s executive director, Parmjit Dhanda, said: “This is a critical moment in the battle to secure the benefits that a new runway will generate.

“More than 10,000 supporters have written in [support] already, a sign of the strength and support for the project in West London and the Thames Valley. I am certain we will top 1000 responses urging MPs to back Heathrow.”