A recycling plant in Beckenham is the latest location to be turned into a dumping site by flytippers.

Helen Cristofoli was at the site in a recycling plant in South Eden Park Road on Sunday (June 10) when she came across the mess.

This Is Local London:

She told News Shopper: “The flytipping there is up and down, but the mess left on the field and down by the stream is dreadful.

“The bank holiday before last a family had a picnic at the stream and left all their food stuff including a smouldering BBQ, serrated knives and a foldable chair, which I fished out of the water behind.”

She said it broke her heart to see the area in such a state.

Bromley Council currently offers a £500 reward for any information that leads to a prosecution in a flytipping case - and there have been numerous examples of flytipping that has blighted the area already this year, as highlighted below.

Councillor Kate Lymer, executive councillor for public protection and enforcement, said last month: “In common with many other councils, Bromley is taking action to tackle the anti-social and criminal behaviour of the flytippers, reduce incidents, and where evidence exists, then we will prosecute.

“Flytipping is a problem, particularly at this time of year but the number of incidents has actually declined slightly across the borough in the past year and we will keep focussing our attention on this important matter.”

Below are some of the worst cases of flytipping that News Shopper has reported on this year:

1. Fly-tipped Sydenham lorry trailers expected to cost taxpayer more than £80,000

This Is Local London:

Two trailers full with rubbish parked in Copers Cope Road and Worsley Bridge Road is expected to cost the council over eighty grand to clean up, including repairs to the road surface.

Bromley Council said those responsible were “cynical criminals” who need to be caught.

It added that council taxpayers have to foot the bill “through no fault of their own”.

2. Photos show fly-tipping that is making it 'hell' for workers in a Lower Sydenham road

This Is Local London: Kangley Bridge Road

A woman who works near Kangley Bridge Road described flytipping there as the worst she had ever seen.

Sarah Dyer said: “It’s a nightmare driving up and down the road at the best of times as there’s so many businesses here with HGVs, let alone with all this flytipping.

“It once took me 20 minutes to get out the road. It is hell."

It is the same road a businessman described as a “war zone” which is affecting the company he works for.

3. Investigation after abandoned 40ft trailer found in Penge

This Is Local London:

A 40ft articulated trailer was dumped in Penge and was estimated to cost in excess of £20,000 to remove.

The trailer was filled with mattresses, construction waste, carpet and other household items.

Bromley Council again related the incident to organised crime.

4. Fly-tipping reported in Bromley as resident warns of fire

This Is Local London:

An Ash Row resident fumed after waste was dumped right outside her home.

Kymberly Smith, 34, feared a fire could erupt if the waste wasn't cleared.

She said: “It is awful. It has never been cleaned. It is piling up and it is not acceptable that it is used as flytipping. It is now a fire risk - it would only take one kid to drop a lighter there for it to go up."

5. Owner of Blackbrook Lane land in Bromley prosecuted for flytipping offence

This Is Local London: Fly-tipping Blackbrook Lane (Photo - July 2017)

The landowner of private land adjacent to Bickley Manor Hotel was fined almost £1,000 because of the dump site.

Owner of the hotel, Leyla Sevket, said it was turning people off eating at their restaurant.

She added: “People think it belongs to us. It is a real eyesore. Everyone is saying it is absolutely disgusting and nobody seems to be shifting it.

“It is a nuisance and is obviously affecting our business. It is not pleasant and it has been like this for four months.”