Backup Everything, a company with its registered office in Richmond, is being well established as one of the UK’s fasting growing cloud backup companies that backs up files from an Office Server or PC to locations in London and Bournemouth.

All information is securely sent via the customers internet connection and cannot be accessed by any third party thus complying with UK Data Protection laws.

The business is headed up by local resident, Saaher Muzafer, who lives with his family in Richmond and has two children that go to the Vineyard School.

He says, “The word Cloud is heavily used and along with the recent GDPR regulations, it is even more important that any business backs up their data just in case they lose a file”.

Richmond and its surrounding areas are well-known for people from all nationalities who come here and enjoy the various Parks & Gardens, River and many great restaurants & cafes.

In fact it was a conversation with parents at school pickups that prompted Saaher to make people more aware of how important it is to backup documents such as Word, Excel, PDF’s and more.

He says, “One of the parents mentioned to me how at work, one of their computers got a virus and they had no backup of the files so they lost everything, luckily it was a new machine that didn’t have much information but still it was a scare.”

Customers can download the Backup Everything software from the website and onto their machine, they then select what files they want to backup via a simple tick box screen and away the files go for backup through their internet connection safely stored in a London Data Centre. This means should their computer crash, or office has a fire or flood, customers have a copy of their data that can be restored. The whole process to setup takes a few mins and can be self-done by the customer or assistance via the support team.

Saaher adds, “The key really to the growth of the business is to educate customers that backing up your data to an external hard drive or just keeping it on your PC is not the best. We never imagine anyone’s computer to stop working but if it does and your business relies on for example an important Excel spreadsheet that you cannot access, then what would you do. You must have something that protects you, so that potentially the business doesn’t lose revenue or customers.”

As a small start-up back in 2014, it now provides its service to over 600 customers in UK and also worldwide. PC PRO, one of the major IT Magazines, gave Backup Everything 5/5 after testing it’s solution and a recommendation to its readers to use the cost-effective service.

With data being invaluable to any business, it is important to have almost like an insurance policy to make sure the business can still operate if anything happens to the information.

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