Tube drivers on the Jubilee Line will launch strike action on Thursday for the second time this month following a row over new timetables.

Transport for London (TfL) have said this means that there will be no Jubilee line service all day and it could impact services on the Friday morning.

Strike action was announced after talks over the new timetables between the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union and TfL broke down.

TfL proposed to extend the peak services on the Jubilee line by an hour this month which it said will provide benefits for up to 320,000 customers each day.

The proposed timetable changes would extend the 30 trains per hour at peak times for both morning and evening peak services by an hour between West Hampstead and Greenwich.

This would mean the morning peak time service started at 7:30 and the evening service started around 4:15pm.

Nigel Holness, TfL’s director of network operations for the London Underground said: “The action is completely unnecessary and will only cause disruption for customers, for which I apologise. The new Jubilee line timetable is already benefitting thousands of Londoners every day and I call on the unions to continue working with us to deliver a good service to our customers and to call off this unjustified strike action.”