A Penge woman desperate for alternative ways to beat her brain tumour has been receiving help from a spiritual healer - and says it is working.

Natasha Shannahan, 35, was diagnosed with cancer two years ago after suffering a seizure.

Brain surgery in March 2017 only removed 80 per cent of the tumour after a risk of Natasha being permanently paralysed.

It is likely the tumour will grow and Natasha wants to avoid future chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment.

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After reading our previous story, spiritual healer Stephany Cohen got in touch with Natasha to offer services free of charge.

Stephany 57, from Bromley, said: “Cancer is due to psychic activities on or in the physical body by spiritual individuals that live in or on that body.

“They belong there. For whatever reason some of them are used to terminate our physical life. The spirit world wants us back there for important reasons and often cancer is the quickest way.”

The former child protection officer acknowledged that it is “not what people want to hear” but it's the “absolute truth”.

Stephany has been visiting Natasha in her home to help her heal.

Natasha said "words cannot express" how grateful she is for the help.

She added: “Stephany has done healing on my head. I had experienced a tingling on the right side of my left big toe and in reflexology the toe represents the head and after speaking to Stephany about this she informed me that it is energy from my head being released.

“Stephany has helped me loads and she has helped clear blocked energy and release stuck emotions. She carried out some healing on my left leg and the very next day I had a physio session and it was a really good one. I am seeing improvements and it is awesome.”

Stephany believes the medical profession needs to be more open about illnesses.

She added she has contacted Cancer Research UK to explain her beliefs further but has not had a reply.