A pensioner says she will be unable to see her cancer-stricken son after a buggy service that transports visitors around Queen Elizabeth Hospital was stopped.

The service, run by charity League of Friends, was taken out of the Woolwich hospital last week, prompting complaints from visitors who depend on it.

Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust says the service is "under review" and wheelchairs will be provided for visitors who need them.

But Laraine Hopper, 70, from Sheerness, who has chronic lung and kidney disease, says she relies on the buggies to visit her son who is seriously ill with cancer in the hospital and she is devastated the service has been stopped.

She told News Shopper: "I can't walk that distance without those buggies. For us it is essential.

"I won't be able to see my son. I'm absolutely in bits."

She added she could not understand why the service had been withdrawn, because it is run by volunteers.

"It doesn't cost the NHS a penny. I could understand if it cost the hospital thousands but it doesn't cost them anything," she said.

When it was first announced the service was going to be withdrawn, Mrs Hopper claims she asked a member of staff if wheelchairs would be provided instead and was told they would not.

Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust has denied this and insisted wheelchairs will be available for those who need assistance.

A spokeswoman for the trust said: “The buggy service at Queen Elizabeth Hospital has been suspended due to health and safety concerns.

"The service is currently under review and, during this period, visitors and outpatients who need help getting around the hospital can request a wheelchair at the main reception desk.

“Queen Elizabeth Hospital has multiple entrances to its premises to ensure that our patients and visitors are able to get to their destination with ease, and maps are also available to aid the public in deciding which entrance would be the most convenient.

“We apologise to anyone affected by the suspension of the buggy service.”