STAFF at a Denham water sports club acted quickly when they discovered a lorry-load of dumped wood chippings blocking their entrance.

The proprietor and head coach at Denham Water Ski Club dug their way through and look at the CCTV system, which showed part of the dumper’s vehicle registration and some identifiable damage to the vehicle.

In a smart piece of follow-up detective work, the coach later found the vehicle with the tell-tale damage, took full details and informed an investigator from the Waste Partnership for Buckinghamshire.

Reginald Jordan, 60, of St Anne’s Road, Harefield, subsequently pleaded guilty at High Wycombe Court to dumping waste illegally

Interviewed at a police station, he initially gave ‘no comment’ responses to questions but later admitted depositing the waste. 

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He said he had been suffering from depression at the time and had tried a few sites to get rid of the waste but they had all been closed. 

He apologised when it was pointed out to him how potentially dangerous his actions had been as the entrance had been completely blocked and people were still on site.

He was fined £320 and ordered to pay prosecution costs of £590.  A victim surcharge of £32 was also levied, making a total to pay of £942.

Luisa Sullivan, for  the Waste Partnership, said: "The tenacious work of the club staff was a great help in tracing the perpetrator. 

“Although difficult personal circumstances contributed to the man's behaviour, the dumping of material blocking the entrance to this sports club was thoughtless and potentially dangerous, especially as people could have found themselves trapped on site."

Illegal dumping can be reported at