Ruislip Dramatic Society might well be tempting fate with its latest production.

The Scottish Play, usually actor-parlance for the ill-fated Macbeth, plays well-observed homage to the superstitions surrounding the Shakespearean classic.

Originally penned for broadcast on BBC radio by author Graham Holliday, The Scottish Play is about a director, Michael, who is determined to direct a production of Macbeth.

When a gap opens in the Shellfoot Thespians' programme, it looks as though he might get his wish.

First, though, he must help the members of the company overcome their fear of what superstition says could go wrong not to mention their self-doubt about whether they can tackle Shakespeare!

True to form, the play has already had problems in real life the Compass Theatre programme from Autumn 2001 attributes it to the wrong theatre company!

For more information about the Ruislip Dramatic Society call 07960 751597.

Ruislip Dramatic Society is presenting The Scottish Play at the Compass Theatre, Glebe Avenue, Ickenham from Wednesday (November 21) until Saturday November 24.

Performances are at 8pm.

Call 8400 9042 or 01895 673200 for tickets, which are £7.50/£6.50.