Prizes are on offer for Kingston flat residents in the council's new "food waste challenge".

The initiative, hoped to reduce waste, will have participants pledging to reduce food waste by storing food correctly, understanding date labels, practising portion control, planning meals and using leftovers.

Every week residents stick to their goals, they will earn "green points", which give them the chance to win vouchers, and help decide which charities win a share of a £5,750 donation.

Graham Simmonds, managing director of Local Green Points said: “We’re pleased to be working with Kingston Council to help them motivate residents living in purpose built flats to reduce the amount of food they waste.

"We’ve found our Food Waste Challenge provides a fresh and fun opportunity for residents to learn more about the environmental issues and financial costs associated with wasted food.”

Almost 3,000 people have already signed up to the Recycling Rewards Scheme.

Sign up at, or call 020 7326 5055.