A woman captured a "strange shape" when taking a photo in a park in Beckenham, which she now believes to be a ghost.

The woman, Loredana Pascaru, took the transparent photo in Kelsey Park in Beckenham.

She told News Shopper: "I think I captured a strange shape. From my view it is a Victorian woman ghost.

"I checked on Google and discovered I am not the only one seeing this. Please have a look very carefully at the picture."

It is not the first time a "ghost" has emerged in a photo taken in Kelsey Park.

In 2016 – News Shopper reported how the ghost of a “drowned Victorian woman” emerged from the water.

This Is Local London:

The photo was taken by Jean Gill who was in the Kelsey Park feeding ducks with his grandkids.

He told News Shopper: "It wasn't until I got home and looked at the photo that I noticed it.

"I couldn't believe it, it looked like someone was coming out of the water.

"Apparently there is a picture very similar to it in the waiting area at Beckenham Junction. A Victorian woman is supposed to have drowned there."

In 2010 – a dog walker got a spooky surprise when he looked back on one of his photos he shot in the park.

This Is Local London:

Paul Reed, of Chamberlain Crescent, West Wickham, said at the time: “It could have been the sunlight reflected on the bushes, but some people are saying it’s really spooky.

“The idea was to get Harry to stroll past these ducks, as he would normally do, but I couldn’t get him to move.

“It was definitely odd, he wasn’t his usual self. He was cowering back towards me.

“It could have been a coincidence and my dog was having a bad day.”

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