The former Mayor of Harrow has expressed his delight at “making history” as another Labour councillor joined his ward to turn it completely red for the first time.

Cllr Krishna Suresh, who has represented Rayners Lane since 2010, said the election of Cllr Chloe Smith shows that people “put their trust” in his party.

She joined him and Cllr Jeff Anderson to secure a Labour clean sweep in the ward, as Liberal Democrat Chris Noyce lost his seat.

“I’m so pleased that we have made history in Rayners Lane,” Cllr Suresh said.

“The people in this area are pleased with what we are doing, and this shows that they believe in Labour’s values.

“We don’t just listen, we listen and we deliver. And we will continue to deliver the best services possible in Rayners Lane and work hard to make it one of the safest areas in Harrow.”

He added that he was delighted to see Cllr Smith elected, describing her as a “wonderful and energetic person” who help solve residents’ problems.

Mr Noyce’s defeat meant that the Liberal Democrats are not represented on the council, as Labour took 35 seats and the Conservatives returned 28 councillors.

Cllr Suresh said it was a shame to see the party completely lose its influence on the council and paid tribute to his outgoing colleague.

“Chris has done a tremendous job over the past three decades and I told him how thankful I was for his service,” he said.

“I think it was probably a good time for him to step down anyway and I know that we can work well as a team of Labour councillors going forward.”