A Belvedere boxing club is offering free boxing sessions for autistic children.

Damola Ojo, 33, a founder of DIG Performance Academy, has been working with Woolwich-based charity Autistic Inclusive Meets (AIM) for four months.

AIM campaigns for greater understanding of autism in both adults and children, and helps provide funding for parents who have autistic children to plan activities and buy specialist sensory toys.

The charity has been organising sessions with Mr Ojo at the Brookhill Children’s Centre in Woolwich to get autistic children into boxing.

However, Mr Ojo has now offered the charity a weekly slot for boxing classes at his gym in Belvedere – and all free of charge.

“I just felt they would get a lot more out of it if they had the proper equipment,” he told News Shopper.

He added the condition “doesn’t get enough attention”, which is why he was keen to help out with the charity, and that the gym was “happy to cover the costs.”

“We actually only opened in September so it’s quite a new club.

I think to try to build a community spirit is really important at the club. We really wanted it to be inclusive.”

Emma Dalmayne, founder of AIM), said: “Damola likes what we do so he wanted to help out. I think it’s a really nice thing he’s doing.”

Damien Dalmayne, Emma's 10 year old son, told News Shopper that boxing "really helps" him and that he has made lots of friends through the classes.

The first session will be held on Friday, May 4 at 4pm at the DIG Performance Academy and is expected to be able to cater for about 17 children aged five to 15.

Mr Ojo said: “The kids really enjoy it and I really enjoy them. They’re lovely people."