A firefighter who served at the Grenfell fire disaster will make his television debut this month when he becomes the face of a new cereal brand.

London firefighter, Edric Jr Kennedy-Macfoy, 34, from Harrow, was chosen from hundreds of applicants to star in an advert for Kellogg’s new vegan cereal range.

The latest advert marks the launch of W.K.Kellogg, a new food range part of the Kellogg’s “Better Starts” plan, offering healthier breakfast choices.

Edric won his place after revealing his plant-based diet had “made him stronger” and boosted his mental wellbeing.

Following a nationwide search for “real-people” ambassadors, Edric was invited to Surrey fire station for half a day filming with the Kellogg’s crew.

Edric​: “No amount of preparation and training will ever prepare you for something like Grenfell."

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Speaking about his debut, Edric said: “Making the advert was really good fun. I grew up with Kellogg’s in the house, so to be part of this new chapter for the company is really exciting.

“Everyone couldn’t wait to see the advert go live,” he said, “My friends were sending me pictures of the TV, I’m not sure I’ll ever live it down with some of them.”

Edric is vegan, something he is “hugely passionate” about. 

He made the decision to go vegan after seeing images of animal cruelty he was disgusted by on a series called “Earthlings”.

He is currently writing a book under the working title, “The Fit Vegan”.

He added: “The more household brands that challenge how difficult it is to be vegan, the more opportunities there will be for people to really see the benefits and give it a go.”

A spokesperson from Kellogg’s said: “It is fantastic to have Edric involved in the campaign, a real-life ambassador for the food, and proof that by being plant-powered or vegan, you can be a force of nature.”

Edric has been in the London Fire Brigade for 13 years and served at the Grenfell fire disaster that claimed the lives of 71 people.

He said the experience was something he could never “un-see” and was a part of a series of events that made him want to make changes to his life that supported his health and ethics.

“I am among many London firefighters who attended that scene and were truly horrified to see it unfold,” he said.

“No amount of preparation and training will ever prepare you for something like Grenfell, for the loss.

“It was a difficult time for many who were there that day, we were there to save lives and we couldn’t. Everyone has different ways of coping.”

Edric has lost family and friends to cancer and knew there were argued benefits to veganism, but his central decision was rooted in something ethical: “I didn’t want the food I ate to be part of any unnecessary cruelty,” he said.