A pet owner has warned residents in Mottingham after her little dog was attacked by an "aggressive" fox.

Lona Ripley, 40, was visiting her mum in Castlecombe Road when her dog endured a “crazy” ordeal.

The Bromley Common resident was smoking in the back garden when a fox “came out of nowhere” to approach her 10-year-old Yorkie.

She told News Shopper: “I said ‘oh my god’ it’s a fox! It came down low as if it was hunting. It grabbed my dog’s front leg and was snarling.

“I dropped everything and ran over. The fox started pulling it towards the fence.

“My daughter was screaming and I told her to go inside. My mum was shouting and it took a good few seconds before it let go.”

Lona said she thought the fox had killed her dog after it eventually fled.

The incident happened last week in broad daylight.

She added: “She is ok now but she went unconscious. I think she was in shock and fainted. The fox was so quick.”

According to Lona, 10 to 12 foxes can be spotted in Castlecombe Road at night.

“Some girl got chased up the road by one recently,” she said. “I used to live in Mottingham and there were foxes everywhere.

“One time I looked out and foxes had a cat cornered. It is getting worse by the looks of it.

“They are getting really aggressive so be careful.”

Lona is now reluctant to let her dog roam in her mum’s garden, which is located near the woods.

An Orpington resident, Teresa Mason, has also told News Shopper about the time her dog, Jack, was attacked by a fox.

She said: “We were both sitting in the back garden, and the fox came in from the next garden, pinned my dog on his back, snarling and biting his snout.

“I was so shocked, all I could do was scream at the fox to let go, which he finally did. It jumped the fence and left.

“We went to the vet where they washed out the wound. I was left shocked and £120 lighter in my pocket.”