A Muslim man is making Croydon a priority in his fight against extremism.

Abdul Basit is a social activist based in Croydon and is looking to counter violence and extremism in town by promoting young talents and creating role models for kids to look up to.

“I try to promote and install humanistic values within my community to counteract the voice of violence and extremism where it exists to have a safer Croydon,” he said.

The British-Indian was recently announced as an 'ambassador for peace' by the Universal Peace Federation UK and wants to use his position to build bridges between faiths.

“I arrange local gatherings where I talk to various community faith leaders," he said.

"I promote young talents, as I believe it should be young talents in the community who should be taking the lead as peace ambassadors.

“I believe young people, who are most exposed to the social media, are the most vulnerable and they need to be inspired, protected and shielded more than anyone.”

Through talks with community leaders, he said he hoped to teach people what it meant to be a true Brit.

"Me and my team members in Croydon hold talks regularly and lectures to various community faith leaders in UK and lobby the government and council to promote their inclusive message," Mr Basit said.

"I help the new immigrant families to integrate into Britain and teach them the importance of being loyal to Britain, as I strongly believe patriotism is part of my faith."