The Coalition Against Roland Duchatelet (CARD) has vowed to resume protests if there is no news of a Charlton takeover before April.

Demonstrations haven’t occurred since the final day of the 2016/17 campaign.

But supporters have been angered by continual delays over Roland Duchatelet's sale of the club. 

Addicks director Richard Murray said the unpopular Belgian owner had agreed a price for a deal with two parties on February 28. However, Valley boss Karl Robinson revealed the takeover is far from complete.

In a statement, CARD said: “While we appreciate the takeover requires a degree of confidentiality, it has become clear that that neither Karl Robinson nor a majority of fans now feel they can rely on what director Richard Murray says.

“Murray said on February 28th that a price and terms had been agreed and ‘we are now just waiting for their respective lawyers to finalise the sale and purchase agreement’. Robinson’s comments suggest the manager has now been given a different story.

“Fans have been very patient this season and wanted to give Karl Robinson and the players every chance. But another opportunity to get out of League One has been squandered, the club has no effective leadership or strategic direction and there appears to be every prospect of this continuing into the summer, while the absentee owner sits in Belgium counting his money.

“If necessary we intend to target Roland Duchatelet’s business operation in Belgium for lawful protest, as well as all three April matches at The Valley, because this situation cannot and will not be allowed to continue indefinitely.”

CARD will target the Easter Monday fixture against Rotherham to stage a protest.