There is something different about the streets in Croydon town centre.

That is because the first in a series of ground art pieces commissioned by Croydon Council have been installed at the junction of High Street and Park Street and High Street and Katharine Street.

Designed by Croydon School of Art graduate Adam Halliday, the pieces are intended to give a "splash of colour" to the pedestrianised area of the town.

“These fantastic pieces of ground art will bring a lovely splash of colour to Croydon and the installation on the high street creatively bookends what will be a fantastic space for a variety of performances, cultural and civic activities being planned for the late spring,” Councillor Manju Shahul-Hameed said.

These won't be the last pieces seen around town ether.

Another piece of ground art will be installed in Dingwall Road this week, with further pieces due to be installed in and around South End at the junction with Brighton Road and on Southbridge Road.