English Heritage has pulled its planning application for Marble Hill House temporarily and launched a new community consultation after concerns were raised about the proposals.

The £6 million plans would include the restoration of the 18th Century grounds, a new sports pitch, a 140-seat café and a new dog-free play area for families.

However, concerns were raised about the number of trees that would be felled in the process- just under 350.

Although many of the tress are very small and preventing other trees from growing well, some residents feel it unnecessary to cut them down and that it would leave the park feeling “formal”.

The area of the gardens being restored accounts for 13 per cent of the park’s total 26ha.

Along with this, concerns were raised about the size of the café proposed.

Kate Pitt, English Heritage’s audience development manager at Marble Hill, said: “Although lots of people have responded positively to our plans, we know there are also concerns about some elements of the proposals.

“So we’ve decided to take a step back, withdraw the planning application and work with the local community to try to find a practical consensus on those areas of concern.

“Securing the broad support of the community before taking the project further is in the best interests of Marble Hill House and Park, and we want to make sure we get it right.”

A petition to stop English Heritage’s plans has reached nearly 4,000 signatures.

In response, an initiative has been launched by locals to provide alternative plans for the grounds.

Love Marble Hill Park’s plans include an Ecology Centre “with opportunities for outdoor learning and direct local involvement” including community pond building, the creation of a butterfly garden, and bee keeping.

English Heritage has invited a member of the LMHP ground to join its widened Community Steering Group, which they have accepted.

Both the group and EH said they were “looking forward” to working together.

LMHP member and local resident, Caroline Dyball, said: “It is time to rethink the future of our park.

“Love Marble Hill Park’s proposal is an opportunity to engage English Heritage and to work together with the community to secure both The House and the much-loved public park for generations to come.

“The Ecology Centre will celebrate the unique biodiversity of our area and the numerous protected species that live within Marble Hill Park.

“People are concerned that the proposed mega café will be expensive to run, requiring many staff and will blight the historic neighbouring properties of Montpellier Row.

“There’s also a real concern that English Heritage’s suggested 140 seat café is out of scale with our park and will negatively impact local cafes and restaurants who are already struggling.”

The group’s proposals also include a reduction in size of the proposed café and the addition of a small catering kitchen in the House to allow for small weddings and private venue hire.