Liberal Democrats in Whitton received an abusive response to a reply paid mailer that included “Die you bastard” directed to the leader.

Various mailers drumming up support for the group’s campaign were sent out to residents and the message was sent back to their local headquarters in Sheen Lane.

The reply to “I would like to hear more from Lib Dem team. My email is” was “Vince Cable Judas”.

Along with this, under ‘name’ was “Vince Cable” and ‘email’ was “Die you b**tard”.

The person also wrote “w**ker” beside three Lib Dem's names. 

Leader of the opposition in Richmond, Gareth Roberts, said: “It’s not uncommon to get abusive stuff but hoping that somebody dies is out of the ordinary.”

He added it was sent anonymously “of course”. 

Jo Humphrey's said: “I'm a local mum of small children who has put themselves forward as I simply want to try and make a positive contribution to my local community. It certainly makes you think twice when you see things like this.”

Leader of the Lib Dems Sir Vince Cable said: “Acting anonymously because they are not willing to be held account and defend their views there are a small number of  people who feel emboldened to make abusive and violent claims, which go far beyond the normal rough and tumble of political engagement and debate.

“In my 19 years as MP for Twickenham this has not been a huge issue until now. 

“Indeed the evidence around the country is that some of the most horrendous and violent attacks, especially on social media, have been faced largely by female MPs and political candidates. This was especially the case during the last general election.

“I am not deterred by this, but some way or another we need to ensure that vile and violent claims made against politicians and candidates, whatever their political party, are addressed.”