A former Mill Hill councillor has died.

Wayne Casey, who served as Mill Hill councillor from 1994 to 2010, died in his sleep on February 16, at age 54.

He served as a ward councillor for 16 years, before moving to Northampton with his wife, Pauline.

Mr Casey remained an active Liberal Democrat when he moved, and stood for election in Northamptonshire County Council last year to represent Kingsthorpe North, but came fourth in the race.

Jeremy Davies, a fellow Liberal Democrat who served as Mill Hill ward councillor alongside Mr Casey, said: "Wayne worked hard as a councillor and always put Mill Hill and its residents first.

"He was the very role model of what a councillor should be."

Richard Logue, of the Mill Hill Liberal Democrats, added: "Wayne and Jeremy, along with Sheila Gottsche, Roger Axworthy and Sean Hooker served Mill Hill well as our local councillors.

"He will be sorely missed, by his family and friends, and by the many residents of Mill Hill who appreciated his hard work on their behalf."

Hendon MP Matthew Offord, who was a Barnet councillor during some of Mr Casey's time at the council, also gave a heartfelt tribute.

He said: "I cannot express how upset I am to learn of Wayne's death. Wayne was one of the most able people elected to Barnet councillor while I was there. 

"He had a knowledge of the issues we discussed, knew his constituents and spoke extremely well.

"There is no doubt that he should have been elected to Parliament and would have been a great asset to the country and his party."

He leaves his wife Pauline, stepdaughters Emily and Beth, and stepson David.