The Mayor of London has said £6 million will be spent for bus drivers to access toilet facilities during their shift.

Permanent toilets along 40 London routes will be installed, Sadiq Khan has announced.

Temporary toilets have already been installed on routes that did not have any facilities.

Mayor Khan said: "It can’t be right that a bus driver can be stuck behind the wheel and not know where they can access a toilet.

“These men and women work hard keeping London moving at all hours so it’s vital that they are given the dignity of having access to a rest stop when they need it.

“I’ve worked hard to ensure that our 25,000 bus drivers are given a fair pay deal, and am now pleased that we can deliver another real improvement for the day-to-day working conditions."

Arrangement have also been made for bus drivers to be able to use local cafes and shops.

John Trayner, managing director of Go-Ahead London, said: “Today’s announcement is welcome as it means drivers do not have to worry about where they take a comfort break, thus ensuring they concentrate on their roadcraft and passenger engagement.”

AA president Edmund King said: “Whilst the extra investment in toilet facilities for bus drivers in London is a welcome relief, it does beg the question about facilities for their passengers and indeed other road users.

“Over the years many public toilets seem to have disappeared or been developed into coffee shops, wine bars, restaurants and even apartments.

“Traditionally, drivers would look to relieve themselves when they fill up their vehicles but the Petrol Retailers Association claims that from the end of 2008 to the end of 2015, the number of filling stations in the capital fell almost 10% from 606 to 548.

“This is a particular problem for older drivers or those suffering medical conditions such as enlarged prostate.”