A police officer has quit his job ahead of facing the sack for repeatedly travelling by train to Bromley without a ticket.

Benjamin Cassar left the Met Police on February 6 before a special case hearing was held yesterday (February 12).

The hearing went ahead and an allegation of gross misconduct was proven

It followed Cassar, who was a constable attached to the roads and transport command, travelling on the Southeastern service from Maidstone East to Bromley South station seven times last April without a ticket.

Each time he allegedly presented his warrant card to Bromley South staff to pass through the ticket barriers despite not having authorisation to do so.

The officer was convicted at Westminster Magistrates' Court on September 26 of seven counts of travelling on a railway without paying his fare.

He had to pay fines totalling £2,106.

Cassar was accused of ‘discreditable conduct’ in relation to his work, but since December officers have been allowed to resign or retire if they are subject to misconduct proceedings - which he did.

The Met says that if he had stayed he would have been dismissed.

He has now been banned from policing should he try to return.