Parents have found their children playing in sewage after Thames Water failed to clear it up.

Flood water in north-west London, caused by last week's torrential downpours, has resulted in sewage becoming embedded on lawns, paths and playing areas in Kenmore Avenue, Harrow.

Mohammed Ayaiz's son, Usmaan, started complaining about itchy legs and bottom after playing outside.

Mohammed said: "As soon as I saw him I knew it was because of the water, I can only put it down to the sewage water remains and God knows what else in it.

"We've told him that he can't play outside there any more and I take him to the park instead. But it's summer now and I'm still concerned about all the children who are off, I'm worried that they will get something because the sewage hasn't been cleared up properly."

A spokesman for Harrow Council said: "The council and Thames Water sent several cleansing teams down to Kenmore Avenue last week to clear any residue left by the flooding. We will obviously send another team out if residents still have concerns."

Mohammed said: "The area has to be washed or jetted with clean water to try and get rid of some of the dirt and debris left over. The area still smells of the sewage water and is very unpleasant.

"We constantly have problems with children from other streets playing on the green patch. Now we have a real problem and we need to advise parents in the surrounding areas to stop their children from playing in the affected area."

Jane Nower, of the Environmental Agency, said: "The Environment Agency's advice in the event of any flooding is do not enter the water either in a vehicle or on foot.

"This is both from a contamination and health and safety aspect, as you may encounter hidden obstacles such as open manhole covers as well as pollution risks. These messages were widely broadcast by the Environment Agency during the flooding incident."