Have you met Wimbledon’s most colourful celebrity?

Introducing Mikey Macaw: Youtube personality, music artist, shredder of carpets, and walnut aficionado.

Like all big stars, Mikey has a tragic past, rescued from a tiny cage in which he “couldn’t even stretch his wings” by local musicians and couple, Claire Atallah and Nimal Fernando, 15 months ago.

This Is Local London:

Since then, he has gone from strength to strength. Some of his videos have nearly half a million views on Youtube.

The beautiful bird has also destroyed three televisions and (possibly) scared-off housemates with his piercing squawks. Rock and roll.

Mikey can still count on his fans to worship him, though: “People love him, especially children! They write on his Instagram, thinking it's him and asking about his day, so we reply as if we are Mikey,” said Claire.

“We say things like ‘It was good, ate some nuts, shredded some carpets.”

Claire has loved macaws as long as she can remember and has always wanted to rescue one, being strongly against commercial breeders and the practise of keeping birds in small cages.

This Is Local London:

However, it was not love at first site and when Claire and Nimal first saw Mikey - huge even by macaw standards – they said no.

But the image of Mikey stuck in that cage haunted them, and they agreed to take him from his overwhelmed owner.

Claire added: “In the first few months we worried that we had made the biggest mistake of our lives.

“But when that bond happens, every painful bite is worth it because he is so special.”

Considering he has the strength to crack walnuts and break fingers with his beak, Mikey is very gentle.

One day, when they can build the perfect aviary, Nimal and Claire hope to find Mikey a permanent companion.

Nimal said: “We do a lot of macaw dating – we’re not weird! If anyone has a macaw and they want to meet up and hang out, we’re always looking for new people.”

You can follow Mikey on Instagram and Youtube.