The safety of a bridge in Beckenham has come into question after a cat was killed there.

Daisy Everett, whose cat Monty was hit by a car, has started a campaign for Bromley Council to close the bridge in Westgate Road.

She believes the one-way bridge is too narrow and poses a threat to drivers and pedestrians.

The 24-year-told told News Shopper: "I remember my mum called me and she sounded very tired and subdued. She told me my cat had died. It felt like an atomic bomb hit me.

“I am gutted that my kitten died on the bridge after a very short time on this earth but I hope that Monty’s death can be a wake-up call to councillors to take action.

"I don’t want to see a child killed here and if his death helps to prevent that then that will be Monty’s memorial to improving the situation on this bridge."

She added that if Bromley Council decides not to close the bridge she hopes it will at least make it a two-way system.

The Beckenham woman says she has been in contact with the council and there are regular accidents on the bridge.

Sarah Fox, who lives nearby, commented: “This bridge is really dangerous. There have been numerous accidents on the bridge and I think it will not be long before a child is killed here.

"Unfortunately, it seems to take a death before Bromley Council acts. Let’s get this bridge sorted before that happens."

Bromley Council has been contacted for a response.