It's not every day that the police can say they spotted a criminal at the scene of the crime.

But on Thursday (January 10), officers from Waddon Police nabbed their culprit red-handed...although they were unable to confirm if that was due to the tomato sauce or not.

You see the police caught themselves a pizza thief at The Colonades.

But this wasn't any ordinary pizza thief (if such a thing exists).

This one was a little on the nutty side of things.

The culprit was seen climbing fences and sprinting down the street, all the while evading police.

The police were able to grab a few pictures of the offender, although they didn't have time to say cheese for the camera.

Called a "very sneaky character", police were unable to apprehend the criminal on site.

A description of the perpetrator can be made out from the photos though.

Grey, bushy tail, of small build and most definitely a squirrel.