“A life with cancer is still life,” a Shortlands mum told News Shopper as she described her horrific battle with the disease.

It was 11.43am on October 6, 2015 when Cheri Lee Maywell Davies was first diagnosed with breast cancer.

"You remember it because it changes your life," she said. "It is terrifying."

The 43-year-old was relieved for the New Year to start after a painfully bleak 2017 when her aggressive breast cancer returned and her beloved nan died as they held hands.

She now needs at least £250,000 for potentially life-saving treatment.

To her astonishment, Cheri has raised over £20,000 in just 24 hours, something which caused the mum to break down with emotion when asked about it.

Her husband Glyn and a ten-year-old daughter Coco – have helped her through brutal sessions of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

After having her breast surgically removed, Cheri was left devastated in July of last year when she was told her cancer would likely return despite the operation.

She said: “One of the cruellest moments was sitting waiting for that result. You wait for weeks and weeks but that last hour is horrific.

“A young girl and her sister went in before me to see the specialist. They left beaming; they were crying and were flying their arms around each other after receiving amazing news.

Minutes later Cheri was told the odds of her cancer returning were now much greater.

She described it as one of the lowest feelings imaginable.

In January 2017 it was confirmed that the cancer was back and last month the misery escalated as it spread to her bones.

Cheri said she is now praying for a miracle.

The treatment her specialist is recommending is called Pembrolizumab. It has been tested on other patients with the type of cancer Cheri has (Triple Negative) and survival rate has been high.

However, each treatment - which she would need every three weeks - costs just under £7,500. Over two years it works out to be £250,000 – which doesn’t cover administration costs or blood tests.

“I have been completely blown away by the response,” said Cheri through tears.

“It makes you feel wonderful. I can’t believe it. It came at a crucial time. I was so pleased that 2017 was over. It gave me a bashing.

“These people who have donated and sent me messages have picked me back up. We moan about the internet sometimes, but it has been a complete lifeline.”

Finally, Cheri paid tribute to her husband and her daughter.

"I was just thinking about that this morning," she began. "My husband is my rock and he is dealing with the enormity of this. The prospect of raising our daughter on his own..

"He has to look after me when I'm sick and feeling low. He then has to put his work face on Monday to Friday. I wish there was more support for him. I'm trying to find him something nice to treat him with this year."

She said her daughter Coco has been "just amazing".

"I would not have got through this without her. This is why I want to live. I don't want to leave her. I want to do all those things a mum should do. She doesn't deserve this.

"I feel immense guilt. She has always known the enormity of it. She has been on this journey with us.

"The three of us are a close tight knitted little unit."

You can donate for Cheri's treatment at youcaring.com/cherileemayelldavies-1056289