A 'superhero' has swung into action in Bexleyheath again to save another woman from a mugger.

Sandie Glover was making her way home at about 11pm after a night out with friends when she was attacked.

She said: "I was on my way to the car which I had parked near the doctors on Albion Road and was confronted by a black man about 6ft 3 or taller with a green hoodie on and his hood up and he said 'give me your f***ing bag or I'll f***ing cut you'.

"He moved in close about a centimetre from my face and with a stale beer breath said 'give me your f***ing bag'."

The 41-year-old began to run and shouted for help.

She said: "After four seconds of running I couldn't hear the man behind me, and I decided to look back over my shoulder and saw a man dressed in all black standing over the man who had tried to steal my bag."

Sandie, from Abbey Wood, was still panicked and began to run again.

However, her hero caught up with her and, according to Sandie, told her it was ok.

She said: "For some reason I felt at ease with his friendly voice. He said his name was Guardian, and laughed when I asked if it was his real name.

"He said he was only the guardian for people who need him.

"I can't believe this sort of thing is actually real and happening because it's like a movie.."

This is not the first time News Shopper has had a report of a mystery hero saving the day.

Back in July a woman told us she had been saved by a masked vigilante in Bexleyheath who also referred to himself as the mysterious 'Guardian'.

A month before that, a couple in Croydon told of how they were saved after a romantic night out.

Previously, there were numerous reports of a crimefighter dubbed the Bromley Batman coming to the aid of people in distress.

Sandie said: "I hope he gets a medal, we need more people like him. It's not everyday a real superhero shows up to save the day."

Sandie said the Guardian was about 6ft and dressed in black.

Sandie said her ordeal happened on Monday night - did you see anything suspicious? Is the Guardian a hero, or a vigilante? Let me know what you think at Tom.Bull@london.newsquest.co.uk