Far-right group Britain First has been condemned for "attempting to intimidate and harass" people by confronting them as they left a mosque in Crayford on the day of the Parsons Green terror attack.

Footage has emerged online of the group confronting worshippers at North West Kent Muslim Association in the High Street on Friday (September 15).

Former Swanley Councillor Paul Golding is filmed yelling at a large group to “take responsibility for the actions that take place in their name” following the latest London terror attack which left 30 people injured.

One man questions Mr Golding, saying: “What does it have to do with anyone here?”

At one stage Mr Golding said: “Listen, Isis, Al Qaeda, they’re Islamic terror groups. Islamic.”

One man replied: “That’s a minority but that’s them, it isn’t us. I condemn it as well I condemn Isis as well, but there is no need to come here in front of our mosque. It isn’t us.”

Another man can be heard saying that Mr Golding was a man with no intellect.

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The police intervened and could be heard saying a disturbance had been caused.

The video has been shared more than 12,000 times.

Bexley Councillor Peter Craske tweeted a statement in response to Parsons Green and the incident in Crayford.

He tweeted: “Those who seek to divide our borough and our country can do one.”

In statement he said: “Bexley is a borough where the community comes together in friendship and where those who seek to divide our society are not welcome.

“We condemn the extremists involved in the attack and those who seek to exploit it for their own ends.

“We will continue to work closely with the police to keep people from all sections of the community safe.”

Cllr Daniel Francis, leader of Bexley Labour Group, was concerned about what happened.

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He said: "I am aware that members of Britain First decided to record a live broadcast outside Crayford Mosque, purposefully to coincide with the conclusion of Friday prayers on 15th September.

"In doing so, they purposefully attempted to intimidate and harass members of the congregation leaving the Mosque, in order to provoke a reaction.

"All local residents should be free to come to and from their place of worship free from intimidation and harassment, and it is therefore deeply disturbing to see fascists in our borough,seeking to cause division within our community.

"At a time when police resources were pushed to the limit following the incident at Parsons Green, the last thing they needed was to be called to this unprovoked incident.

"Bexley's Labour Group of councillors wishes to place on record our thanks to the emergency services for all they are doing to keep our city safe, and hope that the strongest possible action is taken against any individuals who seek to cause division within our communities."

Britain First and NWK Muslim Association have been approached for further comment.