Footage has emerged appearing to show a man carrying a knife in Orpington High Street following reports of an attack nearby.

Police confirmed officers were called to ‘an altercation’ in the High Street at 11.39am today (Thursday, September 14).

A spokesman said a man with a knife is alleged to have attacked another man and injured his arm. They said the suspect was unknown to the victim.

London Ambulance Service was called but the victim declined treatment.

Police said the suspect made off down the High Street towards Priory Gardens.

No-one has been arrested.

A video shot by James Talbot shows a man wearing all black and seeming to tuck an item into the waistband of his trousers as he makes his way along the High Street.

Mr Talbot, 24, said: "I heard shouting outside my window. There were three men fighting with one black male.

"The three white men seemed to be construction workers because their van was pulled up in the middle of the road blocking traffic and they were fighting the man.

"One of the construction workers seemed to have a tyre iron and he was waving it at the black guy with the knife.

"Then another white construction worker, one who wasn’t armed, said something like ‘come on’ and that’s when the black guy lunged forward and stabbed him under his left shoulder, which made the guy fall to the floor.”

Mr Talbot added: "It was the middle of the day, people were scared. Some stayed inside the shops."

Anyone with information should call 101.