A rogue hamster has been found rummaging around the streets of Teddington.

Ross Van Nairn, a local artist from St Mark’s road, was caught off-guard by the ‘unusually’ large rodent when he rounded the corner of Station road and Christchurch Avenue, at around 10am, on July 23.

The artist, who works in his studio in Twickenham, thought the creature, which is ‘so big’, was a rat at first before taking a closer look at his white and black coat.

The painter said: “I spotted it out of the corner of my eye after having breakfast at Carluccio's and heading home towards Teddington station - it was moving around the corner of a shop front behind a potted plant.

“I was really concerned it was going to run across the road and get killed - I don't know if it had escaped or someone had released it on purpose.

“I called my son who lives close by to come with a large box so I could place it safely into it.

Mr Van Nairn posted a picture of the “enormous specimen” on his twitter account to help identify the owner.

“To be honest it looks more like a guinea pig than a hamster because it is so big – he seems very happy and healthy and he is now in a cage keeping me company in my studio, as it can get quite lonely on your own,” added the sketcher.

“I am not sure if it is male or female so giving it a name is difficult but hopefully the owner will come forward soon.

“Meanwhile, it is happy watching me paint”.

If you have any information regarding the hamster's owners email jen.howard@newsquest.co.uk