A Bexley councillor has had a Twitter spat with pop star turned commentator Lily Allen after he found one of her comments to be Not Fair.

Danny Hackett, councillor for Lesnes Abbey, had the heated debate last night on July 16 after Lily Allen tweeted questioning: “Why is Tony Blair such a d**k?”

Cllr Hackett, who is a fan of Mr Blair, replied: “Why are you so irrelevant?”

From here, the two had a back and forth for nearly an hour.

Allen, who hit number one with Smile in 2006, replied to Cllr Hackett: “Why are you posting to someone you don't know and consider to be irrelevant ? #curious”

Now it was time for business.


Cllr Hackett, who stood for MP at the last election for Old Bexley and Sidcup, replied: “Why do you diminish the achievements of Labour in power and a Labour Prime Minister?

“Just #curious p.s, really liked It’s Not Me, It's You.”

It’s Not Me, It’s You was Allen’s second studio album.

Lily replied to this with: “Why are you tweeting me when Game Of Throne is on? Why do you care, I am irrelevant remember”, to which the Bexley councillor responded: “Why are you replying?”

Here is where things take a turn – the singer replied with: “To make an example of you.”

The reply also featured an emoji of a bell and the word ‘end’ in block letters.

Cllr Hackett didn’t rise to the jab, simply replying: “Kinder, gentler politics.”

Allen finished with: “This would be mildly amusing if I was a politician. I’m not, and you’re tragic.”

She then muted Danny, to which he finished with “Bless”.

There you have it – the day a Bexley councillor took on a singer with 5.9m followers and came out on the other side.

Cllr Hackett said to the News Shopper: "My focus continues to be working hard for residents across Bexley."

Who won? You decide?