Wolverine and the Little Bustards sounds like it might be a twisted movie title dreamt up in a Marvel brainstorming session.

Sadly, that’s not what it is and you’ll never see it at the cinema.

Instead, it refers to two animals featured in a stunning new series of wildlife photos.

Tragically, there is more chance Marvel will release a superhero film of that name than you seeing these increasingly rare creatures up close in the wild.

The imagery has been released by Sony which has worked with several top nature photographers to capture some of the most endangered mammals and birds.

Aside from showing off what the Sony RX10 III camera with its extended zoom and silent shutter can do, the aim of the series is to raise awareness of some of the most at-risk species in Europe.

Among the award-winning photographers involved is Sam Hobson, who photographed a wolverine, Atlantic puffin, common eider and common pochard for Sony’s nature series.

Some of his other work is currently being shown at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London.

Browse through the gallery above to marvel at the incredible animals.