An estate agent who photographed his client’s bank card, while showing them around prospective homes, has been jailed for two years.

Ayodele Oladuti from South Croydon, took pictures of bank cards on his phone and took bank statements and other documents as he visited clients’ homes.

He would then use the documents to commit identity theft by setting up bank accounts and phone contracts in their names, before returning to the properties to collect the fraudulent obtained bank cards and a mobile phone.

The 29-year-old also used the bank cards to buy clothing and electrical goods online and instore.

He was jailed for two years, today at Guildford Crown Court for identity theft and fraud, having previously admitting seven counts of fraud. He also asked for a further 69 offences to be taken into consideration.

In total, Oladuti attempted to defraud 20 victims of £25,000, successfully he obtained £6000.

His offences came to light when a seller became suspicious during a viewing. When the prospective viewers left the flat, Mr Oladuti didn’t leave with them. The seller checked his CCTV and saw Mr Oladuti opening doors and cupboards.

He took the footage straight to the manager of the estate agency, who immediately called Surrey Police. Mr Oladuti was arrested in their offices later that day.

DC Simon Evans, who investigated the case, said: “Mr Oladuti cynically manipulated his way into employment as an estate agent by faking his CV and setting up a fake email account to provide himself with a reference to an employment agency, who then recommended him to this local business.

“He then systematically defrauded the people whose homes he was showing to prospective buyers. In at least one case he returned to defraud the victim a second time, once the victim had closed all their compromised accounts.”

He added: “Ayodele Oladuti breached the trust placed in him by innocent victims who looked to him to help them sell their properties.

"He caused untold stress and worry to his victims, who were forced to rearrange their financial affairs at the same time as they were trying to move house.

“I am particularly grateful to The Personal Agent for their quick thinking and continued help in catching and prosecuting Mr Oladuti.

“I hope that this sentence gives some comfort to the victims, including the estate agency, who have had to unpick the chaos that this man’s identity fraud has caused.”

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