Up-and-coming British Asian actor Divian Ladwa stars alongside Dev Patel and Australian actress Nicole Kidman in the Oscar, BAFTA and Golden Globe nominated film Lion.

In the film Saroo (Dev Patel), follows his brother Guddu (Abhishek Bharate) to work and they arrive at a train station, where Saroo waits for Guddu to return. When he doesn’t come back, Saroo searches for him onboard another train, where he falls asleep and wakes to find the train moving with no one onboard and he is unable to get off.

He is taken in by a stranger before being taken to an orphanage and then adopted by an Australian couple, played by Nicole Kidman and David Wenham, who is best known for playing Faramir in Lord Of The Rings.

Divian plays Mantosh Brierley, who is adopted from India two years after Saroo. He struggles to fit in and adjust to his new life, becoming mentally unstable.

As well as playing the psychologically troubled character in the blockbuster film, Divian has played a range of characters on film and TV.

Divian grew up in Brent Cross but has fond memories of Harrow from his childhood: "I use to spend a lot of my childhood at my Nan's in Harrow. My maternal great-grandfather use to take me to the play area in Harrow Recreation Park. After he passed, I would go for walks with my grandfather, usually into the town centre. A lot of my childhood memories are of my Nan's place.

"My Mum's youngest brother use to get the old VHS tapes from the old BlockBuster for us nephews and nieces or just for me if I was the only one staying. I still go to visit my Nan and uncle at once a fortnight if work allows."

He began his career at The City Lit in Covent Garden, where he studied a variety of drama courses as well as dance and voice classes.

While training, he had his first professional audition and met Kristine Landon-Smith and Sudha Buchar of Tamasha Theatre Company, based in Bethnal Green, where he secured himself a part in the Herald Award winning musical Strictly Dandia that premiered at the Edinburgh International Festival.

More recently, he was a finalist for BBC Radio's Norman Beaton Fellowship.

Lion is showing at cinemas nationwide.