A giant rat was caught on camera running through Primark in Bexleyheath as it was closed on Christmas Eve.

Martin Peaple had gone out with work colleagues to the Kings Arms pub on the other side of the road when he caught wind of the intrepid rodent.

Martin, from Bexley, said: “It was at about quarter to two in the evening. In the pub we heard there was a giant rat right outside in Primark.

“So we went and there it was, running up and down. The shop was shut and it was there all night.

“That’s just wrong. You have to get it out, especially over the Christmas period. That’s just nasty.

“I definitely won’t be going back there again.”

Martin posted the video to Facebook where he said the video got over 95,000 views, although many people had a lot of sympathy for the lost rat.

Connie Smith wrote: “That rat looks very ill and will obviously be very stressed and scared in that situation. Perhaps people should have a little sympathy for the animal as there’s blatantly something wrong with it.”

Lisa Lacrombe wrote: “So cruel, fancy just leaving it with no water or food, shame on you Primark Bexleyheath.”