Neighbours who say they are living in a "health hazard" are desperate for something to be done. 

People living in Orchard Grove, Kenton, have been complaining to Harrow Council, local councillors and their MP's since June this year, as they say more and more waste is being dumped outside their homes. 

Devang Shah of Orchard Grove in Kenton, says the rubbish must be against health and safety rules starting to affect his children.

Mr Shah said: “I moved to Field house in July this year, and my children ask me every day, ‘why is there so much mess around our house, why did we move here?’

“I have seen big rats running around in the rubbish, the number of insects and mosquito and other insects are increasing here than in any other part of Harrow. People are dumping food waste, old clothes, liquor bottles and old mattresses opposite my front door, just ten feet away.

“There’s broken glass on the roads and I think people are dumping their waste late at night so they are not seen, and only recently, someone dumped a huge double mattress outside my door."

Chetan Mehta, who lives next door to Mr Shah, sent a copy of a petition to Harrow AM Navin Shah, showing 19 neighbours had signed in efforts to change the situation.

Mr Mehta has been complaining to Harrow Council since June this year and also wrote to Harrow MP Bob Blackman, who replied after being advised by Martin Caddock, team leader for Harrow Pride.  

He said the service road off Orchard is a private service road of which the council does not own or maintain, and have before cleared the road as a "good will gesture."

Mr Mehta said: "Rubbish is not collected here, and I cannot work, the smell is getting worse. The access road has become a serious health hazard. Something needs to be done."

Harrow Councillor Graham Henson, portfolio holder for environment said: "Like our residents we hate the disgusting individuals who are intent on blighting our borough by dumping waste illegally. We will clear all fly-tips on public land and will try and help residents who are living in private land deal with the issue.

"We will continue our fight against these criminals, and residents can help us by reporting fly-tips through our online reporting tool - where we find them we will fine them."