Lewisham has been named the sixth-best London borough for tackling food poverty.

A new report from London Food Link tracked progress made by boroughs on addressing food poverty in the capital.

The report presents findings of responses to a survey against nine measures. All but five of the 32 boroughs responded to the survey.

The report presents a mixed picture of progress and some worrying gaps in London’s safety net, London Food Link said.

The total scores for how well boroughs are doing on tackling food poverty vary between 17 per cent and 79 per cent.

Lewisham is the sixth best performing borough with a score of 65 per cent.

There is also a significant shortfall in the number of Londoners benefiting from a range of national and local programmes which could help tackle food poverty including healthy start vouchers, food provision during the school holidays and meals on wheels.

The report shows how over 25,000 London households are losing out on over £6million of healthy start vouchers, which would help low-income families to buy fresh fruit and vegetables.

The current take up rate in Lewisham is 66 per cent, London Food Link said.