A research group is reaching out to the community to help find the family of a former World War 2 Sargeant.

Erik Wieman of Germany, co-founded the crash site research group ‘IG Heimatforschung Rheinland-Pfalz’.

The group discovered the site of a RAF-Stirling bomber, Code EF129, crashed in Limburgerhof in Germany in 1943.

The crash site was unknown until recently and now the group is searching for the men who were killed in action.

One of the crew members was from Harrow Weald, and Mr Wieman is asking the community if they can help.

Sgt. Donald Colin Hill, an Air Gunner, was the son of R G Hill and stepson to E King, who lived in Harrow Weald.

His registration number was 1812104.

Mr Wieman said: "I am looking for relatives of Sgt. Hill, to tell them about our find and to give them all the information we have.

"Usually relatives have practically no information, e.g what happened and where. But we want to change that.

"We plan to erect a memorial stone at the crash site in the summer of 2017. We don’t want this historical and tragic place will be forgotten again.

"Through this memorial no one shall walk by not knowing anymore. The families will have a place to go to. We want to reach as many relatives as possible."