People of all ages and ethnicities gathered to mark the Navratri Garba celebration.

The Navratri Garba Outdoor Celebration was held outside the Zoroastrian Centre, in Alexandra Avenue, Rayners Lane on Sunday October 9.

The centre is a registered charity and is religious, cultural and social centre for the Parsee and Irani Zoroastrian community, and this is the first time is has been held in Rayners Lane.

Navratri is a Hindu festival of nine nights of music and dance consisting of garba and dandiya raas.

Garba and dandiya raas are traditional folk dances of Gujarat in west India. 

The event was organised by community campion Councillor Suresh Krishna, Gareth Thomas MP and Dr Parmar of the International Siddhashram Shakti Centre.

The centre is a place of worship for improving the mind, body and spirit. 

The staff at Natraj foods in Northolt Road, Rayners Lane were thanked for providing the refreshments.

Did you take part in the outdoor celebration? Let us know what you thought of this year's event.