A new exhibition examining a century of posters agitating for political change will get underway next month at the William Morris Gallery.

A World to Win: Posters of Protest and Revolution, which opens on Saturday, October 8, will cover political campaigns from the Suffragette movement through to the Arab Spring.

From the Suffragette campaigns of the early twentieth century to the Arab Spring, political activists around the world have used posters to mobilise, educate and organise.

The exhibition will feature 70 posters, drawn from the national poster collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum in central London.

Showcasing the work of diverse artists, graphic designers and print collectives it will include new acquisitions gathered from recent outbursts of protest in the UK, Russia and the Middle East.

Highlights include posters by one of Britain’s most acclaimed political artists, Peter Kennard, whose work has become synonymous with the modern protest movement.

Mr Kennard said: “The William Morris Gallery is the perfect place to be showing posters of protest and dissent.

“Morris was committed to methods of cultural production that could break through the shackles of elitism and polite society.

“The posters are cheap and available to all, but like Morris their makers believe that whether they are slapped up on hoardings in the street or pinned on factory noticeboards they should be made with the same care and intense creative input as any work of art.”

A World to Win: Posters of Protest and Revolution opens at the William Morris Gallery on October 8 and runs until January 15, 2017. For more information, visit: wmgallery.org.uk.