A group of South Korean students unselfishly helped to clean up Harrow.

University students from the Asian country joined with members of the World Mission Society Church of God, based on Eastern Avenue, to carry out the altruistic deed.

The group were handed the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service this year as a result of their volunteer work.

They cleared litter from Devonshire Road and Dorset Road, and were thanked by passers-by for their efforts.  

Joshua Kim, of the church, said: “It was fantastic – all members enjoyed with happy mind and heart. We have done this volunteer work with all our hearts to make a better and happier world.

“Neighbours and people passing by stopped several times and asked about what we were doing. They complimented us so much, and some neighbours brought bottles of water to support and encourage the members.

“One man stopped his car and took pictures while we were cleaning, and said that he wants to show people what we were doing to encourage them to participate in volunteer work.

“We would like to continue to set good examples by carrying out these voluntary services.”