A Thornton Heath teenager caught at Stansted Airport with a "step-by-step guide" to Jihadi warfare has been jailed for three-and-a-half years.

Cubeyda Hassan Jama, 19, was hauled off a flight to Bucharest by police February 4 as he travelled to Syria to fight for Isis.

He was arrested by Essex Police after cops who searched the Finnish national's backpack found "reams of terrorist material," including a USB stick containing files that glorified suicide bombings, Isis propaganda magazines and introductions on how to join the terrorist organisation's fight.

Metropolitan Police counter-terrorism officers later uncovered a handwritten oath of allegiance to Daesh - another name for Isis - and notes on how to travel to Syria at Jama's London Road home.

Commander Dean Haydon, head of the Met's counter-terrorism team, said: "Jama had a step-by-step guide to fighting for Daesh and many items which could be used by aspiring terrorists, as listed in the guide.

"He had trawled through reams of terrorist material and there is no doubt in my mind what his intentions were if he had made it to Syria. 

"By working so effectively with Essex Police, we ensured he did not make that journey."

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Jama, left, and pictured at Stansted Airport, right

Police said Jama boarded the flight with a bag carrying "a plethora of items" suggesting he intended fight for Isis, including a map of Turkey and its borders, protective clothing, torches, a solar-powered charger and a first-aid kit.

His USB stick contained an instructional e-book detailing how to travel to Isis in Syria and listing various items needed for the journey - most of which Jama had on him at the time of his arrest at Stansted.

It also contained propaganda magazines featuring articles calling for readers to travel to join Isis and glorifying the terrorist group's violence.

A file entitled "self-sacrifice" saved on the USB drive set out arguments attempting to legitimise suicide bombings and digital forensic specialists unearthed deleted video footage on Jama's phone showing Isis beheading prisoners."

Jama pleaded guilty to preparation of terrorist acts at the Old Bailey on June 24.

After the teenager was jailed at the Old Bailey this afternoon, Commander Haydon said: "Today's sentence should serve as a timely reminder to anyone thinking of travelling for the purposes of terrorism."