Three police officers were injured during clashes with crowds at an illegal rave in Walthamstow that lasted more than seven hours.

Officers were called to former the Hurricane Room snooker hall in Hoe Street at around 9.45pm yesterday (Saturday, July 2).

Three officers were injured during a stand-off at an illegal rave, where billiard balls were hurled at police from upstairs windows.

Officers were called to former the Hurricane Room snooker hall in Hoe Street, Walthamstow, at around 9.45pm on Saturday.

Police who arrived at the scene found more than 500 people outside the venue, which was being used for an unlicensed music event.

Borough officers attempted to disperse the crowd, but some of the party goers managed to gain access to the building.

Officers from the Territorial Support Group were called to the scene to assist and the majority of people outside the premises were dispersed.

However, a large number of ravers refused to leave the building, barricading themselves inside. Missiles, including snooker balls, were thrown at officers.

The seven-hour stand-off with party-goers finally came to an end at around 5am on Sunday morning, when officers entered the building and the remainder of people left.

John Lawal, who was taking a bus home when the incident took place, said: “There were a lot of young people on all corners of the street and police cars parked in the centre of the road.

“Police went inside the building to ask people to come out, but they were met with resistance.

“Later, I heard a things breaking upstairs, then there was a volley of billiard balls coming through the windows.

“From what I overheard, they had obviously gone in there for a rave. Someone had sent out a message on social media and all these people had turned up.

“Earlier in the day I had been walking along the road and there was a van parked up by the side entrance to the hall. People were going inside, they seemed to be rushing.

“Normally, that would have set alarm bells ringing for me, I did not realise the building was no longer in use.”

Three police officers, one man and two women, sustained minor injuries. They did not require hospital treatment.

Following the rave, one man was arrested for criminal damage, another male was arrested for a public order offence.

A further two men were arrested for supplying a noxious substance.

All were taken into custody at an east London police station.