The stars and directors of Captain America: Civil War, gathered at the London Press Conference this week to talk to the British press.

Foker On Film was fortunate enough to be an invited to pose a few questions to the all-star line-up.

Attending the Press Conference were members from both team camps including: Robert Downey Jr. Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Elizabeth Olson, Paul Rudd, Paul Bettany, Jeremy Renner, Emily van Camp and Daniel Bruhl. Also attending were director’s Anthony and Joe Russo, plus Kevin Feige, Marvel Studio Executive and producer of Civil War.

Stealing the show was Robert Downey Jr. in fact he was pretty much in the same zone as Tony Stark with constant wise cracks and witticism’s.

To Robert Downey Junior (RGJ) and Chris Evans (CE): “As Captain America and Ironman how would your character sum up each other in one word?”

CE: “Charismatic.”

RDJ: “Rad-Ass!!” (laughter)

In the film your characters are at loggerheads with each other. In real life have you two ever fallen out over something silly on set?

CE: “Not at all. That's one of the best thing about these movies, they really somehow manufacture an environment that you can't imagine arguing with any person on the set - and you know, when you step on a Marvel film set, it's like summer camp. Everyone fits right in."

RDJ: “Speak for yourself...When my son started wearing the Captain America PJ’s, mask and everything, I felt a natural resentment but as the consummate professional I didn’t bring it into the work place!”

To Paul Rudd: “As one of the newbies, how was it joining the Marvel cast?”

PR: “The cast were very welcoming but it was surreal to see everybody in their suits and I felt a little bit like cousin Oliver joining the rest of the Brady Bunch!

"My character Ant-Man was not born with any super ability but to see these other characters through Scott Lang’s eyes was amazing and very little acting was required.”

This Is Local London:

To Emily Van Camp: Is your character Sharon Carter looking forward to more romance with Steve Rogers OR does she think the relationship is a bit icky! As the Captain had the hots for your Aunt Peggy?

RDJ: “That’s the first real British question we’ve really had!” (laughter)

EVC: “Actually in the comic books they went on to have an interesting and complicated love affair so that was something I loved when I was doing the research for Sharon.

"I don’t know how far we’ll go with that, we’ll see I suppose. It helps that it’s the Great Aunt, so there’s at least one generation in-between. I get it, some people think it’s a little weird.”

Robert Downey Jr. “We know that Spider-Man makes an appearance in the movie. How was it working with the newcomer Tom Holland?”

 “Well now that two out of three Spider-Men is British, I even had to talk (Tobey) Maguire off the ledge!

"But Mr Holland is not a work in progress, he’s really something else. He came on with a bang and the way the folks reacted to him is great.

"He’s a great kid. (kidding with the cast) We all like Holland right?! We’ll talk about it later (laughing).

Directors Anthony and Joe Russo were also very complimentary about Tom Hollands Spider-Man debut.

“It’s Tony Stark who recruits the new arrival, he believes that he's taking with him perhaps one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe.”

The stand-alone Spider-Man movie is due for release on July 28 2017 in the UK.

To Chris Evans: “In real life which team would you be on?”

CE: No question. I’d side with Tony Stark. You have to answer to somebody. You couldn't just let this group of vigilantes answer to yourself."

To Robert Downey Jr: “If you could trade super powers with another Avenger who it would be?”

RDJ. “Switching powers? I’d choose Vision (Paul Bettany’s character) but not the makeup. The ability alone, you can’t top that.”

To Chris Evans: “What does it mean to be working with Robert Downey Jr. again?”

CE: "It was exciting. I mean, a lot of it rested on Downey's shoulders, whether or not that he would be willing to do this, you know right away that when you bring Downey to the equation, the movie is going to have a certain level of awareness.

"It's going to have a certain level of charisma. That's what he comes with."

Captain America: Civil War opens in the UK on April 29.