Concerns about the future of Chingford’s businesses are being raised after the council issued two contrasting positions on parking vouchers.

Trevor Calver, 69, of Larkshall Road, Chingford, was left “infuriated” by the council’s “confusing position” over its draft Traffic Management Order (TMO).

In an email hoping to “clarify the situation” council officer Jon Shaw told Mr Calver anyone wishing to park for more than one hour would have to pay a whole-day permit costing £11.

But in an email from Cllr Clyde Loakes to Victor Rosenthal he told the Chingford businessman he had “mis-understood” the proposals and in fact two one-hour vouchers could be purchased.

In the TMO the price for hour vouchers increased by 92 per cent from £1.30 to £2.50.

If two one-hour vouchers can be bought the price increases nearly two-fold from £2.60 to £5.

Mr Calver said: “Is Cllr Loakes trying to hide a u-turn on his policy by now claiming the proposal did consult on the use of two one-hour vouchers?

“Nevertheless how can this price hike be justified?

“It is discrimination against the elderly and those who don’t use mobile phones to pay for parking.”

Mr Rosenthal, owner of Laurence London Hair Salon in Station Road, Chingford, is concerned about his elderly customers who use vouchers to park for longer than an hour.

In email to Cllr Loakes, he said: “If these plans go ahead I would lose my clients to other boroughs, then lose my business which would then mean having to dismiss my staff.

“Many other businesses in the area in the same position including dentists, vets, osteopaths, banks and restaurants.

“How will my business survive?”

Conservative Cllr for Larkswood, John Moss is reminding people to voice concerns at a neighbourhoods scrutiny committee on Wednesday (May 4) in Waltham Forest Town Hall from 7.30pm.

Cllr Moss said: “This policy is in tatters and should be withdrawn.

“It is damaging, discriminatory and ill-thought through.

“These changes need to be halted before they do irreparable harm.”

Cllr Loakes clarified the council contacted Mr Calver twice to apologise for Mr Shaw's mistaken description of the new parking vouchers.

He added: "It is really disappointing that Cllr Moss has failed to mention these subsequent communications with the residents. 

"But I guess they don't fit the political outcome he is so desperately trying to achieve."