Animated action adventure Zootropolis is the latest anthropomorphic outing from the Walt Disney stable.

The film follows the exploits of a loveable little bunny called Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) who, as a young kit or kitten dreamed of joining the police force to fight crime and injustice in the sprawling city of Zootropolis.

Unfortunately her parents are terrified to think that their little girl wants to make a living in such a dangerous vocation and would rather she followed the family tradition of being a carrot farmer.

Judy gets accepted into Police Training College and we are invited to watch the statutory movie montage of the young cadet making it through training and all the way to being the first bunny to complete the course.

It’s not long before Judy is on her way to join the Zootropolis police force but the Police Chief Bogo (Idris Elba) puts her on traffic duty as a warden. Judy doesn’t take being overlooked lightly and ends up in charge of a case involving 14 missing animals but with only 48 hours to get a result.

With no assitance she teams up with a slightly shifty but well-meaning Fox called Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman) who has been walking the line on the wrong side of the law all his life. The rest of the story is really ‘Can this odd couple solve the mystery in time?’

This film has something for everybody. Kids will love the characters and there’s enough adult in-jokes to keep grown-ups entertained. Not only is there a Godfather parody but Disney have somehow managed to shoehorn in a brilliant Breaking Bad reference including a couple of Ram’s called Walter and Jessie. Kudos Disney.

The film does put across a few messages covering race and stereotypes but done in an almost subliminal way that isn’t too obvious. In fact it’s so cleverly done that you feel yourself making a wry smile. Look out for the rules of using the ‘cute’ word.

Zootropolis is already set to overtake that phenomenon that was Frozen. Yet again, this is Disney at their very best. The animation is brilliant, as is the colour and scenery. Also the writing is top-notch and this is a company who really knows their audience and it is 100% pure entertainment.

Funniest moment in the film? The Sloths working in the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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In cinemas Friday March 25