A jeweller who sold fake goods has been fined more than £5,000.

Meftuni Erbil, 40, who owned Erbiller Jewellers in South Mall, Edmonton Green, was fined a total of £5,480 at Tottenham Magistrates Court on February 18.

On December 16, 2014, trading standards officers from Enfield Council visited Erbil and requested that all non-hallmarked items be removed and told him to display a sign giving his business name and full address.

After this visit, Erbil did not submit any of his items to be hallmarked, and during a follow up visit on February 17, 2015, trading standards officers visited Erbiller Jewellers and seized 12 items in the shop as examples of counterfeit jewellery.

Then, in April, officers received a complaint that the shop was selling fake watches and sunglasses, and other law-abiding businesses also complained.

Cabinet member for environment Cllr Daniel Anderson said: “There are some unscrupulous dealers who will try and pass off items of jewellery with low amounts of precious metal content as having high amounts.

“By using a hallmark, the exact purity of an items precious metal can be clarified and confirmed - so that consumers can be safe in the knowledge that what they are buying is a genuine and legitimate product.

“Not only did Mr Erbil believe he was above the law by failing to hallmark his jewellery but it seems he was also selling counterfeit items.”